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More Impetus Added to Awareness Raising Initiatives on Disability and Violence.

Ubuchingo – A society for child protection has this year added more impetus to awareness raising activities in a bid to make society realize it’s role in advocacy.

Acting Executive Director Mr. Keiza Sakala notes that there is still need for members of society to understand their rights for them to claim them adding that it is very important for society to hold the duty bearer accountable to its responsibility. He stressed that without this demand from society; there would be no meaningful development.

To this effect, Ubuchingo has invested in creative methods of raising awareness with local groups, communities and individuals. These involved sensitization through sport, radio programmes, musical concerts drama and dancing performances. Manypeople; men, women and children are not aware of their rights and assuch they are left vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

A Football Match

On the 31st October, 2018 in Kashikishi Luapula Province, a girl's football match was organized at Kashikishi Basic School between the young girls at Kashikishi and Chandwe Basic School. Its goal wasto raise awareness on gender based violence, early marriages and child protection. Before kick-off, the girls took part in a procession throughout the streets, wearing T-Shirts, displaying banners and singing songs highlighting the need to stopearly child marriages.

At the end of the game, a presentation ceremony was held for both the teams, where they received prizes for their achievements.

This ceremony was also the forumfor sensitization; it enabled information relating to child marriages and negative implications on a child’s futures to be shared with children, teachers and individuals that had come to show their support. It was a positive and informal way to share messages with the whole community to combat child marriages.

Riding on successes scored in Kashikishi, the issues of how to and where to replicate the use of sport as an awareness tool was tabled and two suggestions arose from members; one for Kabwe in Central Province and another for Chipata in Eastern Province. Pastor Smokee Mbewe asked members to vote and members chose Eastern Province as the preferred location.

Dancing and Drama Performance

On 16th August 2018, with the permission and blessing from Her Royal Highness Chiefteness Kanyembo, a local drama group in Nchelenge was tasked to dance, sing and perform drama in the chiefdom to raiseawareness on the need for disability inclusionand violence against children.

The group beat their drumsand sang so well drawing the attention of men, women and children who appeared; smiling, waving, laughing and wondering as to what was going to happen!

After the performance there was a discussion on disability and violence and parents in the audience were given the opportunity to ask questions and make contributions. More than 400 people where reached per performance.

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