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A Word From The Chairperson

These are challenging times for us. The world has evolved and become more sophisticated in its dealings. Abusers have also become more sophisticated and well equipped to avoid getting caught.For us to combat the abuse of children the challenge just got tougher but we don't give up; we too must evolve and become more sophisticated and equipped for the task. If abusers using technological advances such as social media to trap children we must use the same to fish them out and create awareness.

Time has come for us to become relevant to society by applying modern methods in our work. We also need to own our work so that what we do beneficial to societyand sustainable enough to last the long haul.

The task at hand calls for us to work with more people and organisations for us to have meaningfulcountry-wide impact. Time for working alone is over, there is an urgent need to join hands with other bringing our players with different capabilities and capacities together for our work to be meaningful and for to reach more of our target.

Bestone Banda
UBUCHINGO Chairperson

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