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ChiutaWakumanya 'God Knows'

Chiutawakumanya is a Tumbuka saying meaning “God knows”, is a very common phrase that most children whose rights are violated, constantly hear each time the perpetrators commit the abusive act.

This saying is used to cushion the victim from the effect of the act. In Lundazi District where the practice is rife, this attitude perpetuated mostly by parents has led to the violation of children's rights.

Recently Ubuchingo in partnership with Community Development Women and Child Rights with the support of ILO-IPEC, conducted an awareness creation and education on child labour in the district of Lundazi. Among the many forms of child labour existing in Lundazi, the most common involves the use of children in commercial farming.

Over the years, Lundazi has become a leading hub of cotton and tobacco production, making it one of the highest earning activities in the district. Sadly children work on these farms with little or no pay at all. Some parents are at the forefront of this encouraging their children to work even harder as Chiutawakumanya (God knows) that one day things are going to be alright. However, this is done at the expense of the child's educational and social development. Community members who participated in UBUCHINGO’s educationand awareness creation initiatives on child labour deeply denounced this vice and as a result of our efforts demanded that perpetrators be strongly punished for exploiting their children for profit.

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